So you want to be a

confident copywriter?

CopyTribe is a live 7-month university-level mentorship program that takes you from strong writer to confident copywriter.

Emerge with clarity, competence, and a supportive community for life.

Graduated 471+ copywriters to date

Doors open June 2024

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Judith Hyams


“I feel secure in my copywriting ability now”

As a newbie copywriter (and longtime freelance journalist), I had felt stuck: I’d taken some copy courses and had significant writing experience, but still felt pretty unsure about everything. CopyTribe was the perfect combination of copy skills & business, plus the accountability to make sure I stuck with it.

The program was very intense — but absolutely worth it. I feel very secure in my copywriting knowledge and ability now, and much less overwhelmed. I’ve learned so much and have awesome resources on my fingertips.

Chani Pollins

Brand Strategist & Copywriter

“It saved me 3-4 years of heartache”

This course is worth every penny.

‍I thought many times before taking the plunge — I thought I'd be able to go it alone, work it out myself. Now that I've taken it, I can see it would've taken me 3-4 years at least to gain that big-picture, solid understanding. CopyTribe saves me heartache every day — I know I'm doing it right. No more second-guessing!

Morgan Hugoboom

Content Writer & Copywriter

“CopyTribe met all my goals”

CopyTribe met all my goals: the basics of writing copy, the logistics of starting your solopreneur business, and the strategy behind good copy.

The biggest benefit was having access to senior copywriters for all these months. If I'd skipped CopyTribe and taught myself from free blogs or YouTube tutorials, I *never* would've learned everything I got out of CopyTribe because I would have existed in my own silo. By having assignments that were critiqued, by having weekly moderators in Slack, I had access to mentors that I couldn't have found on my own.

Yitzi Smith


“I feel prepared and confident”

As a newcomer to copywriting, I wanted to understand more about it — and how to build a copywriting business. Now, after CopyTribe, I feel prepared and confident to do exactly that.

Each module covers foundational concepts. The clarity is excellent, with continual review of concepts — plus examples — so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

I’ve gained so much from the program, and I know I have support for any future copy questions that might come up.

Are we a match made in heaven?

You are a

New-ish — but talented — copywriter

You’ve been working here and there as a copywriter — and doing...okay. But for most things, you've been relying on your GUT.

Career hunting go-getter

and strong writer

You want to turn your natural skill into a sustainable + satisfying career — but you’re not sure where to start.

Skilled designer who wants

to offer more value

Your clients are thrilled with your design — and want your hands on their copy too. You need copy + marketing!

What if you could skip the endless Googling and guesswork

— and jumpstart your copywriting career with a proven foundational program?

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CopyTribe 7.0 🔥

The university-level, cohort-based mentorship program that covers every fundamental you need to launch a rewarding copywriting career.

You can expect:

  • challenges (to put your learning into practice)
  • critiques (to take your copy from so-so to so good)
  • personal mentors (to give you individualized feedback & advice)

Across 23 modules, multiple masterclasses, and ongoing live moderation from mentors you come to trust, CopyTribe walks you through every step of the copywriting process. Learn about every core project type, with personal guidance — and accountability that pushes you to the finish line.

You emerge with the confidence, clarity, and craft to honestly call yourself a certified copywriter.

Plus, the Profitable Freelancer segment provides you with fundamentals of marketing + business — so you get ALL the tools you need to run a sustainable business, in one place.

(Because it's never as simple as get job, do job, get money. 😉)

This is not another online course

We get it — there are amazing courses out there that have loads of amazing content.

But that's exactly the problem.

Content overwhelm is real — and it's hard to stay motivated and actually watch stuff when there's no social element, no accountability, and no challenges.

That’s why a tiny fraction of people actually complete these courses.

We designed CopyTribe to address this exact issue

— and this is why we have an over 90% completion rate.

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Supportive community


Lifetime access


Ongoing moderation

Critiqued challenges

90% completion rate

“So...what will I get in CopyTribe 7.0?”

✔ CONTENT-PACKED Craft of Copywriting Modules that will turn you from "writer" to "profit-generator"... and serve as the foundation of any copywriting you’ll ever do

✔ VALUE-PACKED Business Management Modules

that set you up with every fundamental you need to run a successful freelance business — marketing, lead generation, client management, and more

✔ TEN make-it-real challenges, carefully notated and scored by handpicked pros — so your knowledge goes from “theoretical” to “practical” (and you build an A-list portfolio too)

✔ LIFETIME access to all videos + recordings, so you can review trainings on your own time (read: SUPER relevant client project just materialized, and you need a refresher ASAP)

✔ VISUAL-HEAVY slide decks from all trainings, so if you need to review any of the modules in 2 or 3 years’ time, you've got everything you need, clearly laid out + easy to find

✔ EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our buzzing Slack community so you enjoy eye-opening conversations, warm camaraderie, and invaluable relationships (read: future collaborations) with professionals you come to know and trust‍

✔ REGULAR office hours from experts so you get your questions answered (“How do I answer THIS client?!”), exceptional guidance as you figure it all out (“Am I applying this formula correctly?”), and support from warm, experienced mentors who get it‍

✔ THE COMPLETE Confident Copywriter Template Vault — AKA Michal’s treasure trove of client management and research frameworks. Skip the Google-frenetics (Whaaaat? 3.8 million results for “client questionnaire”???) and use the templates Michal's team uses every day for their agency clients

✔ THE ULTIMATE Copywriter’s Pricing Guide with clear pricing, guidelines, and FAQs for 27 core copy types — to save you the agony of second-guessing every quote, and make sure you’re not highballing... or lowballing‍

✔ LIFETIME ACCESS to our vault of fourteen (!) value-popping bonus masterclasses from copywriting and business experts‍

✔ 17 RIDICULOUSLY -USEFUL cheatsheets — AKA the stuff you'll actually pull out when writing copy for real clients‍‍. These are the files you will always go back to — so you never have to start from scratch...and you never need to face that blank-page syndrome

“Details, details, I want details!”


CopyTribe 7.0 will launch

in June 2024

How much?

To date, the program has only opened once per year.

The full program will cost approximately $6000.

Comfortable payment plans are available.


There will be at least two cohorts in the upcoming program to ensure each cohort gets personal attention.

The program for CopyTribe 7.0 has not been finalized; the numbers above are an estimate based on previous programs.


‍A 30-day money-back guarantee for you

We’re so confident in this training program, we’re offering a money-back guarantee.

If you spent 30 days in this program and don't feel it's a good fit for you...just contact us and you'll get 100% of your money back.


We only want you in the program if it’s a great fit — if you're going to put in the work necessary for it to transform your professional trajectory.


I’m Michal. Conversion Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, and (recovering) caramel ice cream addict.

Just eight years ago, I was a frazzled (and underpaid) feature writer, agency copywriter, and part-time speech therapist — embracing every job under the sun and convincing myself I should feel happy getting arachis hypogaea (AKA peanuts).

I loved my work — it was stimulating, meaningful, and challenging — but I felt scattered...and somewhat resentful. Deep down, I knew I was giving far more value than the payments that plopped into my bank account.

I also wished I had more money for extras — and didn’t have to think a MILLION times before treating myself to a new handbag! Maybe even…

  • Therapy?
  • A self-care Target run?
  • Extra cash for a getaway vacation?

In 2016, I launched a proper copywriting business and went all in—and since doing that, I 10xed my monthly revenue.

(^^Sharing this because I want you to know that “grow your income” is not just a catchphrase on this page.)

Shameless show-off alert!!

(I 💓badges; indulge me)

I’m an alumna of The Copywriter Accelerator program and The Copywriter Think Tank, an exclusive mastermind for high-level copywriters from around the world.

Today: I run a boutique copywriting agency with an amazing team. And I am so grateful to be typically booked 2-3 months in advance. I believe it’s because I’ve created a brand that attracts discerning clients who respect the process

and I want to show you how to do the same.

“One of the best speakers we ever had."

When we asked Michal to speak at our event, we knew she would be good—she's a perfectionist after all. But wow... she was fantastic. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. She combines riveting stories with actionable advice that keep people listening. She's one of the best speakers we've ever had.

— Rob Marsh, The Copywriter Club

“Michal is as good of a presenter as she is a writer.

And she’s one of the best writers I’ve ever known."

Justin Blackman,

"Once you try a resource from Michal, it's hard for anyone else to match up."

Michal just has a way when it comes to crystallizing any topic, however new or complex. I've gotten so used to her style that any other tutorials or classes I've tried literally came across as dizzying. (Yes, world-renowned pros, I'm looking at you.)

It's not their fault. It's just that once you try a resource from Michal, whether her classes, membership groups, or project walkthroughs, it's hard for anyone to match up. You come away a million times cleverer and are always glad you invested the time or money.

— C.S. Teitelbaum, CST Copy

Take the risk-free route to a successful copywriting career

‍A 30-day money-back guarantee for you

We’re so confident in this training program, we offer a money-back guarantee.

If you spent 30 days in this program and don't feel it's a good fit for you...just contact us and you'll get 100% of your money back.


Our money back guarantee is not a gimmick. It's a genuine way of allowing you to test drive the program and make sure it's a great fit for you before investing significant time and money.

Don't need a full copywriting certification program — looking for a program that's focused on marketing, clients, and business management?

Have questions?

We're here to help 😊

Contact us at

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