Go from

flapping freelancer to

profitable professional.

Led by Michal Eisik, The Profitable Freelancer is an

8-week interactive mentorship program covering every fundamental you need to build a lucrative, low-stress freelance business.

  • Marketing
  • Processes
  • Client Management

Graduated 531+freelancers to date

Hannah Lipschutz, Copywriter


“The best business investment

I made.”

The Profitable Freelancer is a career-transforming ​business incubator. It teaches you every *single* thing ​you need to run a successful business. It kickstarted my ​business; I went from treading the muddy freelancing ​waters to having clarity and confidence in what I was ​doing. It was the best business investment I’ve made.

Gitty Friedman, Designer and Developer


“Today, 85% of my leads are from connections I've made in the course.”

I was nervous about signing up because it was an intensely busy time for me and my family. Even though I wasn’t able to devote as much time to the course as I would have liked, I gained tremendously. The course was a goldmine.

I came in with a freelancer mindset; today I have the mindset of a business owner. Michal — along with the super-fun-yet-serious Slack community — taught me to set goals, work with bigger clients, and develop a process that makes my business much smoother. And as my skills and experience increase, I also gained the confidence to regularly raise my rates.

I was active on LinkedIn beforehand — but now, I'm reaching my income goal even without LinkedIn.

Today, 85% of my leads are from connections & collaborations I've made in the course.

Naomie Rubner, Copywriter


“Empowered me to take ownership of my business”

There IS opportunity out there. There IS a way to ​leverage skills, grit, and determination and ​transform them into a business. The Profitable ​Freelancer taught me how to set up my business ​from the ground up, empowering me with the ​tools to take ownership of my business. And now I ​recommend it to every freelancer I know. ​Because seriously, the hassle and headache of ​business management can run so many creatives ​into the ground before they even get a chance to ​get out there and show the world what they got.

If you're on the fence about this course, come on ​down! Because running a business is no longer ​something to be afraid of.

(Well, just a little bit.)

Pen School Supply Outline

Devora Sambrowsky,


Here's what's nice: I'm not chasing clients. In fact, I turn down more leads than I accept.

Michal is famous for her crystal-clear teaching style, awesome slides, and rock-star freelance magic.

I basically got a map for a smooth, professional process (saving me years and tears).

Even better, the community (with its abundance of knowledge, support, and camaraderie) has my back every step of the way.

If you're interested in shortcutting your way to freelancer professionalism, you should consider Profitable Freelancer.

“The shortcut to freelancer professionalism”

Should it be this hard to:

Workplace Trust Handshake Icon

Find clients?

At work, the grocery, the playground — everybody’s interested, but when push-comes-to-proposal, nobody wants to sign on that dotted line. You tried a few ads, sent a few cold pitches, but the leads just trickle in...and a pitiful few turn into actual, paying clients.

Male Customer Service Representative

Manage clients?

Missed meetings. Constant ghosting. Unreasonable demands (2AM emails expecting your updates by morning?). It’s in their best interest to answer your questions and give you feedback. So why does managing clients feel like pulling


Money Inflation Rate Icon

Make real money?

You’re working All. The. Time. but your income still looks like a side gig. Clients try to bargain you down, offer you “perks” (No thanks, “exposure” doesn’t pay the bills) or worse — agree to a price, then go AWOL after you send the bill. You’re a business, not a charity...right?




Do you have to feel “hectic” — constantly?

❌ Do you have to second-guess your responses — constantly?

❌ Do you have to deal with aggravation — constantly?

(while not even making enough for the headache to be worthwhile????)


In fact, when you structure your business right, with the right —


✅ Positioning

✅ Processes

✅ Marketing systems

You’ll find that running a business can be deeply enjoyable and satisfying.

But here’s the thing: you were never taught how.

Sure, you got intense training on the technical skills.

You are really good at what you do. 💥

But in all your courses and webinars and lectures and worksheets —

did anybody ever teach you how to…

  • Negotiate with a prospect confidently — without feeling insecure (or giving in to Imposter Syndrome)?
  • Identify the “uh-oh” clients — and spot red flags *before* saying yes?
  • Attract the “good” clients — the ones you’ll genuinely enjoy working with?
  • Decline a nightmarish prospect — even if they’re ready to pay?
  • Manage a non-responsive client — or preempt that scenario to begin with?
  • Respond to the scope-creeper client — the one who always wants “just one more thing”?
  • Price your work for its market value and skill level — and regularly raise rates?
  • Create solid processes that show professionalism — and keep projects running smoothly?
  • Operate as a premium provider — not a cute freelancer working out of their basement?
  • Market yourself to steadily attract quality clients who’ll pay your rates — on time, and with pleasure?


The Profitable Freelancer ✨

A foundational training program for creative professionals

that gives you the confidence, clarity, and processes to

honestly call yourself a business owner.

Learn core business fundamentals across 14 engaging trainings —

and turn your talent into a low-stress, sustainable business.

Because it's never as simple as get job, do job, get money. 😉

“So...what will I get in Profitable Freelancer?”

✔ One LIVE meet-and-greet group call

to get cozy and comfortable

(before we get all serious about upping our game...and becoming each other's biggest supporters)

✔ 14 Business Management modules

on processes, pricing, marketing, and client management. AKA every fundamental you need to run a lucrative business

✔ Live Q&A calls with Michal

where you can ask questions on the videos, crystallize your understanding — and feel energized from the group dynamic

✔ Exclusive access to our buzzing Slack community so you enjoy eye-opening conversations, warm camaraderie, and invaluable relationships (read: future collaborations) with professionals you come to know and trust‍

✔ Regular office hours from experts so you get your questions answered (“How do I answer THIS client?!”), exceptional guidance as you figure it all out (“Am I applying this formula correctly?”), and support from warm, experienced mentors who get it‍

✔ Complete Vault of 8 Past Profitable Freelancer Masterclasses from business experts, including Amy Posner, Abbey Woodcock, Elisheva Perlman, David Fryman, Wendy Maynard, and Yoel Judowitz

✔ Make-it-real challenges carefully reviewed and scored by experts. So your knowledge goes from “theoretical” to “practical” (and you build key brand collateral in the process)

✔ Lifetime access to all videos + recordings, so you can review trainings on your own time (read: SUPER relevant client project just materialized, and you need a refresher ASAP)

✔ Visual-heavy slide decks from all trainings, so if you need to review any of the modules in 2 or 3 years’ time, you've got everything you need, clearly laid out + easy to find

✔ The Comprehensive Freelancer Contract we've spent 4+ years refining — with ALL the terms & clauses that will protect you (so you don’t have to learn through *pricey* mistakes and weeks of grief)

‍(Sells for: $127)


✔ The Comprehensive Retainer Contract to help you land and structure low-stress and high-income gigs

(Sells for: $97)

✔ The Ultimate Copywriter’s Pricing Guide with clear ​pricing, guidelines, and FAQs for 27 core copy types — to ​save you the agony of second-guessing every quote, and ​make sure you’re not highballing... or lowballing‍

(Sells for $197)

“My business is more streamlined and profitable”

I joined hoping to gain confidence and boost my earning potential. From the very first class, I felt my mindset shifting from “freelancer” to “business owner.” Thanks to The Profitable Freelancer, my business is now more streamlined and profitable. I have a solid onboarding and offboarding process that keeps every project flowing smoothly.

Esti Meisels, CEO


“I learned to set business goals, brand myself,

and win clients”

I’m building my business and getting a LOT of referrals through The Profitable Freelancer — that alone made the investment worth it!

When I signed up, I wasn't even sure I wanted to run my own graphic design business. I had nothing to lose by trying it out — and I'm so glad I did. Michal's clear teaching outlined what I needed to do. And Slack was amazing! I loved that I could get answers and advice pretty much at all hours of the day.

— Ahuva Durden, Designer,


“Worth every penny”

"After working as a freelance designer for a number of years, I was ready to take my business to the next level. I was looking to streamline my processes and improve my client communications.

Looking back, I can honestly say that this course was worth every penny! I gained a powerful business mindset.

My process is now smooth and consistent, and my client communication has improved dramatically.

Sara Margolies, Founder and Web Designer


“Details, details, I want details!”


The Profitable Freelancer 7.0 will kick off in November 2024 and end 8 weeks later.

To date, the program has only opened once per year.

How much?

The full program will cost ​~$1800.

Comfortable payment plans are ​available.


Creative professionals with at ​least 1 year of workplace ​experience

The numbers above are an estimate based on previous programs.

Precise numbers will be provided as soon as registration opens.

This is not another online course


Practical frameworks

and templates that make your brain happy — and that you can use ​*today*

Not too many 😬

Lifetime access

so you can watch at your convenience and refresh when relevant projects ​arise

Not too many 😬

Engaging classes

that you actually look forward to — because they’re crystal clear (and ​fun!)

Not too many 😬

Lifetime community

with ongoing opportunities for networking and referrals

Not too many 😬

Slack hours

so you get your time-sensitive Qs answered by experts who’ve BTDT

Notated assignments reviewed by handpicked pros

scored by handpicked pros — so your knowledge goes from “theoretical” ​to “practical”

What type of freelancers have joined?

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Programmer, Monitor, Setting, Level, Code Language Icon

Web developers

Changeable Operation Icon

UI/UX specialists

Video Camera Icon


Writing gradient icon

Content writers

Illustration of a Camera


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Space planners

Interior Design Line Icon

Interior designers

Paint Palette Outline Illustration

Graphic designers

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Web designers

Isolated Cinema Clapboard Icon Line Design

Motion designers

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I’m Michal. Conversion Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, and (recovering) caramel ice cream addict.

Just eight years ago, I was a frazzled (and underpaid) feature writer, agency copywriter, and part-time speech therapist — embracing every job under the sun and convincing myself I should feel happy getting arachis hypogaea (AKA peanuts).

I loved my work — it was stimulating, meaningful, and challenging — but I felt scattered...and somewhat resentful. Deep down, I knew I was giving far more value than the payments that plopped into my bank account.

In 2016, I launched a proper copywriting business and went all in — and in 3 years, 10xed my monthly revenue.

(^^Sharing this because I want you to know that “grow your income” is not just a catchphrase on this page.)

Shameless show-off alert!!

(I 💓badges; indulge me)

I’m an alumna of The Copywriter Accelerator program and The Copywriter Think Tank, an exclusive mastermind for high-level copywriters from around the world.

Today, I run a boutique copywriting agency with an amazing team. And I am so grateful to be typically booked 2-3 months in advance. I believe it’s because I’ve created a brand that attracts discerning clients who respect the process

I believe it’s because I’ve created a brand that attracts discerning clients who respect the process

— and I want to show you how to do the same.

Black Arrow Paint Stroke Scribble

“One of the best speakers we ever had."

When we asked Michal to speak at our event, we knew she would be good—she's a perfectionist after all. But wow... she was fantastic. Everyone was on the edge of their seats. She combines riveting stories with actionable advice that keep people listening. She's one of the best speakers we've ever had.

— Rob Marsh

The Copywriter Club

“Michal is as good of a presenter as she is a writer.

And she’s one of the best writers I’ve ever known."

Justin Blackman,


"Once you try a resource from Michal, it's hard for anyone else to match up."

Michal just has a way when it comes to crystallizing any topic, however new or complex. I've gotten so used to her style that any other tutorials or classes I've tried literally came across as dizzying. (Yes, world-renowned pros, I'm looking at you.)

It's not their fault. It's just that once you try a resource from Michal, whether her classes, membership groups, or project walkthroughs, it's hard for anyone to match up. You come away a million times cleverer and are always glad you invested the time or money.

— C.S. Teitelbaum,


“You will not find a better teacher than Michal.”

Sure, she has an incredible gift for structuring information in a way that just goes into your brain and stays there. But way more important? She really really — and I mean really really — cares about your success. Yes, even if you're student #489 in her 5th cohort.

The level of commitment Michal gives her community is beyond compare. I don't know how she does it (and she makes it look effortless too!) but the support you get from CopyTribe is unparalleled. And that — more than any of the very many skills you'll gain in the program — is what will transform your career.

Nikki Elbaz, Email Expert


“Soooo…is this course a magic bullet??”

NO, it is not. ❌

If you're looking for a magical overnight success scheme — this is not it.

The magic of success happens when you combine

Science and Research Element Light Bulb


(☝ on us)

Speech Bubbles Phone Communication Organic Drawn   Style


(☝ on us)

Choose Niche Red Color Icon. Arrow Hit Target. Search and Goal Achievement. Customer Attraction Strategy. Target Advertising. Business Plan Successful Implementation. Isolated Vector Illustration

AND execution

(☝ that's on you)

We give you everything you need to start off on the right foot.

And if you're like hundreds of our previous grads, you'll put in the hard work — and see excellent results.

Your “side gig” can

become a professional, profitable business

The information and tools you’ll gain in The Profitable Freelancer will transform you

from tentative freelancer to confident business owner. 💪

Join our 500+ graduates and — with a hefty dose of hard work and grit — start your journey towards

              • more confidence
              • higher-paying projects
              • a business you enjoy — and look forward to building each day.

Some unsolicited, unedited feedback

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